How Tents Solutions Can Help Survive the War

2022 changed every Ukrainian’s life radically. Constant interruptions with water supply, electricity and access to the Internet taught us to appreciate every hour of generally accepted conveniences of the XXI century, which we used to take for granted. The risks of massive missile attacks and ground offensives at Ukrainian cities forced Ukrainian authorities to look for new solutions to ensure the livelihood of the population in emergency conditions. A rocket attack on a residential building in Dnipro on January 14, 2023 further emphasized that the warnings were not in vain. Manufacturers of awning products offer a realistic solution that will provide an opportunity to take shelter in a safe place and, if necessary, quickly change location. Such solutions are suitable both for military deployments of headquarters and military hospitals, as well as for the temporary stay of civilians.


Ukrainian indomitability trends

 Ukraine is living under unstable circumstances that constantly bring surprises to both the military and civilians. Our brave armed forces keep on liberating Ukrainian cities. Nevertheless, there remains the possibility of another massive shelling, resulting in a long absence of electricity and water, and even another offensive of the enemy and the need for the evacuation of the civilian population, as well as the transportation of the army command and its personnel. In order to meet those needs, a mobile tent city solution is an ideal option that will ensure mobility and complete autonomy.

The state has already taken care of similar decisions in cities, offering Ukrainians so-called “points of inviolability.” The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its resolution even approved the Procedure for the organization and operation of such points, which in their essence should be the same tent solutions, but within the city territory. The state properly provided the regulation of unbreakable points in sufficient detail, and defined the list of their components.


 Quality standards – key to success

If the armed forces relocation or temporarily accommodation for civilians are necessary, the most convenient solution is the construction of mobile tent cities. With proper financing, they can be equipped with everything necessary – heating, water, portable showers, air conditioning, electricity and even access to the Internet.

The quality of materials is the basis for the construction of a full-fledged tent complex, which can easily accommodate hundreds of people. In pneumatic frame tents, the outer awning is made of reinforced PVC fabric with 610 – 650 g/m² density, and the pneumatic frame itself is made of PVC fabric with a 850 g/m² density, which ensures shape stability, protection against moisture and resistance to any weather conditions. Thus, modern tents can easily withstand the temperature range from -30 to +70 C, snowfall and storms. Modern polymer fabrics for inflatable tents are also used for the production of flexible tanks and hermetic covers for economic and ecological storage of liquids and gases in agriculture, the army, the emergency services, municipal services and industry.

Products must meet international standards of environmental friendliness, economy and resistance to any weather conditions. For this, leading companies use their own patented technologies and modern European equipment certified according to international quality standards. Only such high-quality products will be ideally suited for the task of arranging autonomous and transportable tent premises for the temporary stay of citizens and military personnel in wartime conditions.



Mobility and comfort – no problem


The idea of tent camps is to provide a person with everything necessary in autonomous conditions of mobility. Imagine that you are in a tent, which can constantly move from place to place and set up as quickly as possible, thanks to the pneumatic frame and inflatable construction. In less than an hour, a real tent city can grow on a pre-determined area – the installation of each pneumatic frame tent is only about 10 minutes. The possible area of the corresponding tent is also impressive. One of the most popular tent dimensions is 72 square meters, which allows you to place up to 30 civilians in a tent.

Inside the tent, thanks to the air conditioning system, a comfortable temperature maintains at all times of the year. In an inflatable tent, you can cook food, charge devices, and get access to the Internet without any problem. For many, staying in such a camp may seem even more comfortable than everyday life in an apartment in a typical Soviet-era high-rise building in conditions of total blackouts and long-term lack of water and electricity. At one time, such solutions might have seemed impossible, but modern innovative technologies allow us to find a solution for the most difficult situation under any conditions. Even in cases of physical damage to the tent during shelling, hostilities and emergency situations, it is possible to replace the damaged areas with help of a repair kit in the shortest possible time.

Before organizing a camp, specialists carefully analyze and select an optimal location. The contractor studies the order, forms optimal configuration, selects and organizes the delivery of the necessary tents and additional equipment, which may include: air conditioning systems, heating, lighting, water supply and energy supply, wall and floor insulation, based on the number of people and their needs. You can even take a warm shower in the tent. In order for all systems to function as a single mechanism, specialists consider the optimal location of tents and tanks. For this purpose, companies engage design departments that perform not only calculation, but also visualization of camps in order to study and predict all the nuances in advance.


Security and versatility


Tent camps are universal and complex solutions. They can be used both to ensure the temporary stay of the civilian population and for field hospitals, military deployments and camps with humanitarian purposes. In addition, for the military, the camp can also be equipped with a multispectral masking grid, which makes it impossible for enemy intelligence systems to identify.

The demand for a safe, universal, and mobile temporary shelter solution for people in different locations will be around for a long time. Power and water supply interruptions, the risk of escalation of hostilities in the largest population centers, the need for temporary accommodation for civilians – such danger is now familiar to all the Ukrainians every single day. That is why solutions for tent cities can be in demand both with the state and among business representatives. Minimal risks, maximum mobility and safety, comprehensive satisfaction of needs – these are the priceless advantages of inflatable tents for any occasion.