Flexible tank is the most effective solution
for liquids storage

Flexible solution for cost-efficient storage of liquids
5 years warranty
High-strength European and American textile & fittings
UV resistant

    volume3 –500 м3 (800 – 130000 gallons)
    About flexible tanks

    Flexible tanks is the most effective solution for storage and transportation of such liquids as liquid fertilizers, water, fuels, oils, industrial and agricultural effluents. The tanks are made of durable polyester fabric with a special coating that protects the product from the environment and corrosive liquids exposure.

    What liquids can be stored
    in flexible or pillow tanks?
    Flexible tank advantages
    Much more profitable
    than metal or plastic tanks.
    No smell, no leak neither soil erosion.
    Easy to transport
    Lightweight and compact when empty. Easy to empty after using and move to a new location.
    The material does not react with the stored substance.
    Easy to install
    The installation does not require any construction works, neither apermission nor license (depends on local regulations). On a prepared area, it takes less than 2 hour.
    Examples of our work



    The material is heated from the inside and fuses. As a result, the vibrating molecules are heating up to the melting temperature. By bringing two layers of material into the HF field at the same time and pressing them together, the layers melt together (fuse) and form a strong welded joint.
    Insulation tape protects the seam from inside. This ensures absolute leak tightness and helps to exclude violation of the integrity, penetration of aggressive substances into the base of the cord.
    Fabrics are assembled by high frequency welding. Integrated molecular heating of fabric allows obtaining monolithic joining of each element.
    Flexible or pillow tanks liquid storage available at Flexsol

    Flexsol is your leading supplier of Water Bladders, Fuel Bladders, Fire water tanks and Pillow Tanks.
    Excellent for temporary or long term storage solutions for liquid fertilizer, potable water, wastewater, petrol, diesel, jet fuel, industrial effluents, water, fire, irrigation water, transformer oil, crude oil, other liquids and gasses.
    We produce sizes include 3 000 up to 500 000 liters (800 – 130 000 gallons). Our clients include agriculture, military, industry, emergency, energy, fire, municipal, rescue missions & more.
    Also a private Clients.

    Why work with Flexsol on your project?
    We outperform the competition by providing top quality, and provide our partner all service from design to support in install. We export our flexible tanks in more than 20 counties in the world.
    Our market is in Agriculture, Army, Humanitarians, Municipality and Industrial.

    We do everything in our possibilities to provide our customers with high quality products, required equipment and actual prices as well as we produce flexible tanks with individual sizes and fittings to order.

    We manufacture our pillow tanks on completely new European high-frequency equipment in compliance with ISO 9001-2015 TUV NORD quality management standards, using the highest quality materials and fittings from Europe and the USA.

    At Flexsol, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers needs and expectations. Our experienced flexible bladder & tank specialists are available anytime to meet emergency situations. Flexsol provides logistics, competitive value pricing, warranty, product support, custom design help, and a strong commitment to client satisfaction on every flexible tank order. Check our awesome industry leading, overall satisfaction from our client reviews; to see why our clients continue to choose us.

    We are ready to meet your needs for flexible tanks for industrial wastewater, sewage, potable water, liquid fertilizers, rainwater harvesting, fuel and fire tanks 365 days a year!

    We are able to ship from multiple locations in Europe (Ukraine and Latvia) to provide the best possible time lines and freight costs.

    We are expanding our network of partners to improve service and communication with customers closer to their location.

    We invite for partnership companies that are ready to provide the highest quality service and build long-term relationships making customers satisfied.

    We deliver our product in any place.
    USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, OAE, Saudi, Arabia, Qatar, France

    Call us to make an order or leave a request online and we will make you an offer in the shortest possible time!

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